The Trail Ahead

José González: Discovering the Multitudes of You

Episode Summary

José González is an experienced and passionate speaker, artist, nature-lover, science communicator, and educator who founded Latino Outdoors. Through his work and the organization, of which he is no longer Executive Director, he aims to build a cross-community network of nature inclusivity groups to connect people of all races, genders, orientations, socio-economic statuses, and religions.

Episode Notes

Today, José joins the podcast to share his views on the power that words hold, how we can view it from a responsible and respectful lens, and how we can be more mindful when it comes to the use of language. José also discusses how his love for the sci-fi genre has inspired his work while influencing the way he approaches equity. From using memes as radical acts to understanding friendships as a supporting pillar in communities of activism, this conversation addresses the topics of culture and expression of the multitudes of being human.